How to Use The Portable Tow Truck

Getting your car or truck free if it’s stuck in mud, snow, ice, or sand is easy as 1-2-3. When stuck, put your car or truck in “Park” or “Neutral” and engage your parking brake.     Wedge a Portable Tow Truck traction pad in front of each of your drive tires. Make sure “This Side Up” label is facing the direction you need to move and the six rows of small … Read more →

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How It Works

How Does The Portable Tow Truck Provide Instant Traction?
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Cleats… Multiple Types of Cleats. The first set of cleats are angled specifically to grab your tire treads so you can drive onto The Portable Tow Truck.   Once the weight of your vehicle is on The Portable Tow Truck, the second set of cleats bite into the tire giving it traction.   On the bottom is a set of full 3/8″ deep cleats that dig into the mud or snow below … Read more →

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